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Cancellation/ Booking Policy


No cancellations will be accepted under 24hrs.

If you cancel under 24hrs or are a “No Show” your 50% deposit will be forfeited. This is to cover the cost of admin time that it takes to attempt to fill the empty booking and employee wages that still need to be paid.


If you cancel before the 24hrs and decide not to reschedule, we will happily refund your deposit.  

If you decide to reschedule your appointment before the 24hr timeline to a different date we will transfer your deposit to your changed booking.



We send a reminder/confirmation to all our clients 48hrs prior to your booking.

We understand that life happens and you sometimes need to change. 


We are definitely happy to reschedule your appointment if you give us 24hrs notice or longer.

In this case, your deposit will be moved across to your rescheduled



If you cancel and request a reschedule under 24hrs, we will still be happy to find you a new time but your booking deposit will be forfeited and a new booking deposit will need to be placed in your account to secure the new time.*

*Every situation will be considered on an individual basis.



Please consider the time frames we are working under with the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are many different guidelines that we need to adhere to while trying to keep the time we need to provide you with our high quality service.


Cleaning after every client is an absolute must and can't be skipped. We do run behind quite often like most appointment based businesses. We need your help to keep the flow. Please be on time.


Late Arrival

Please arrive on time to your appointment. Consider that parking is harder these days so leave enough time to find a car park. Our late policy will be taken into consideration.


If you are between 10 - 15+ mins late we will need to shorten the appointment and do what we can in the time  permitted. This may sometimes mean that we cannot finish your service. We will suggest something that we can finish in the time we have to work with.


If too much time has passed but you would still prefer the original service, we will happily reschedule your time however, your booking deposit will be used to recover the cost to us of losing the current booking at the last minute. 

If you rebook after this scenario, you will need to pay a new booking deposit.


Please consider that if we have only 2 people 10 mins late in our day, that makes us 20 mins behind for our later in the day bookings. Sometimes we have more than 2 people late (eeek!) and it becomes very stressful for us.


Changes to your service

Please be aware that we provide many different services with different time frames. Please notify us of any changes you require to your booking prior to your appointment so we can attempt to fix a potential problem for us before you arrive.


For example, if you have ripped off your nails and need a brand new set instead of the refill you were originally booked for we will need extra time. Or if you don't need the full appointment time as you have changed your mind about the service you require, please let us know so we can adjust the time and possibly accomodate someone waiting.


Depending on the situation, if it causes us to be late or creates a loss for us, we may recover the cost with your booking deposit.



As of reopening after lockdown 2021, all bookings (excluding current 2021 bookings in the system) will be made with a 50% deposit paid at time of booking. 

As of January 2021 this will apply for all bookings including annual bookings.


Your 50% deposit will be credited to your account at the time of booking and will be deducted from the total amount upon completion of the service. 

Deposits can be paid when booking online, in the salon or if you choose to call the salon, we can pop your deposit through eftpos while on the phone or we can send you a link to payment via email.

Please remember this is a deposit. It is your money and remains your money. You can use it whenever you like. We will only forfeit your deposit based on the cancellation policy.

New & Occasional Booking


We love meeting new clients in the studio and we especially love seeing clients that come for an occasional visit....It means we did a great job last time and we appreciate that you would like to visit us again.


For new & occasional client bookings made online, in the salon and over the phone a 50% deposit will be required to hold your appointment. 


This deposit will be credited to your account and will be deducted from the total of the service on your scheduled appointment day.


The deposit will be strictly forfeited as a result of a cancellation under 24 hrs or a "no show" as per our cancellation policy.



Repeat Booking


If you choose to book on a repeat basis we will require you to pay a 50% deposit that will be credited to your account to hold your future bookings. You can choose to use your credit at any time, however if you have a repeat booking it is best to keep it in your account to regularly hold your future times. Like a rolling deposit.


No bookings will be held without a future deposit.


If you have regular nails and feet bookings, a deposit will need to be placed against both appointments. They can be redeemed anytime against your appointments.


The deposit will be forfeited as a result of a cancellation under 24 hrs or any "no shows" as per our cancellation policy. If this occurs you will need to renew the deposit in your account to hold any further future bookings.



Annual Booking Option

We have many regular clients who like to book their nail appointments annually.

This secures a time that suits their needs on a regular basis.


We offer this service to book appointments annually where we have our clients fill out a form with their approx time requests and set up a regular pattern for 2, 3 and 4 week appointments so they know they have their regular time for the year.


If you are interested in this type of plan for your appointments, we are more than happy to do this for you however, we will be charging an annual booking fee of $50 or a 6 month booking fee of $35. This fee is non-refundable. We feel that this fee is very reasonable based on the time per client it takes to create these bookings. 

It is not just a matter of pasting someone in. We need to do alot of moving around like a jigsaw puzzle to fit everyone in a suitable regular time.


The 50% booking deposit (mentioned earlier) will still apply for the first appointment of the year. This will carry over to each future appointment. It is up to you when you use your deposit.


You can let it carry over to the end of the year or if you decide to stop having your nails done at any time we will happily refund it to you.    


The deposit will sit on your account to cover any situation where the cancellation policy needs to be applied.


If you are interested in this option please let us know and we will send you an online form to send back to the salon.




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